ANGÉNIEUX Type EZ2  22-60mm T3  FF/VV

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ANGÉNIEUX Type EZ2  22-60mm T3  FF/VV is designed for professional filmmakers, providing high image quality and versatility in a compact and lightweight package.


ANGÉNIEUX Type EZ2 22-60mm T3 FF/VV

It is a cine-style zoom lens designed for use with full-frame and VistaVision (VV) cameras. The lens features a focal length range of 22-60mm and a maximum aperture of T3 (typically f/3.2).


ANGÉNIEUX Type EZ2  22-60mm T3  FF/VV Features:

  • Zoom range: 22-60mm

  • Maximum aperture: T3

  • Compatibility: Full-frame and VistaVision (VV) cameras

  • Image quality: High resolution and low distortion

  • Compact and lightweight design

  • Professional-grade construction and image performance.


The lens is designed for professional film and video production work, including:

  1. Narrative filmmaking
  2. Documentary filmmaking
  3. Commercial and advertising production
  4. Event videography
  5. Studio and on-location shoots
  6. Any other projects that require high image quality, versatility, and compactness in a zoom lens.