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The Canon Dream 50mm T0.95 FF LPL lens is an exceptional and highly creative lens with an ultra-wide aperture, perfect for achieving a cinematic aesthetic with ultra-shallow depth of field, artistic focus control, and stunning low-light performance.



The Canon Dream 50mm T0.95 FF LPL lens is designed for professionals and enthusiasts who seek exceptional optical performance and creative control. It features an ultra-wide aperture of T0.95, among the fastest apertures for a photographic lens. This allows for a stunningly shallow depth of field and remarkable low-light capabilities.

CANON DREAM 50mm Key Features:

  • Ultra-Wide Aperture: The T0.95 aperture enables incredible control over depth of field, making it ideal for achieving creamy bokeh and subject isolation. It also excels in low-light conditions, allowing for shooting in challenging lighting situations.

  • Manual Focus: This lens typically features manual focus, providing precise control over focusing for both photography and videography. It’s well-suited for creative applications that require selective focus.

  • High-Quality Optics: Canon lenses are known for their optical quality, and the Dream 50mm is no exception. It delivers sharp, high-contrast images with excellent color reproduction.

  • Cinematic Aesthetic: Due to its unique combination of ultra-wide aperture and manual focus, this lens is popular among filmmakers and photographers looking to achieve a cinematic look with beautiful background blur and artistic focus control.

  • Robust Build: Canon lenses are known for their durability and build quality, ensuring longevity and reliability in professional settings.

The Canon Dream 50mm T0.95 FF LPL lens is well-suited for the following shooting scenarios:

  1. Cinematic Filmmaking: Filmmakers use this lens to achieve a cinematic look with an extremely shallow depth of field, making it perfect for dramatic and artistic shots.

  2. Portrait Photography: The wide aperture allows stunning portraits with creamy bokeh and beautiful subject separation.

  3. Low-Light Photography: Its excellent low-light performance makes it an excellent choice for capturing images in dimly lit environments.

  4. Artistic Photography: For photographers looking to create unique and artistic images with selective focus and background separation.