Cooke’s /i Technology on COOKE S4/i T2 provides a wealth of lens data crucial for matching shots, VFX work, and post-production. Metadata parameters include focal length, focus distance, lens aperture, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, lens serial number, and more. A modular design ensures easier maintenance and servicing of the S4/i lens series.

12mm, 14mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 27mm, 32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 135mm & 180mm


The Cooke S4/i T2 Prime Lens is a high-quality cine lens designed for professional use.

The S4/i T2 Prime Lens from Cooke features optimal optical performance, /i Technology lens data transfer, and an ergonomic mechanical design with smooth, cam-based focus adjustments. This 35mm lens incorporates an aperture range of T2.0 to T22, focus scales marked in both feet and meters and color matching with other modern Cooke cine-style lenses. The S4/i lenses minimize flare, distortion, veiling glare, and spherical aberrations even at the complete aperture setting. The S4/i lenses are PL-mounted, compatible with most professional cine-style cameras.

Here are the key features of the COOKE S4/i T2 lens series:

  • Super35 Format Coverage: The lens is designed to cover the Super35 format sensor, making it compatible with a wide range of professional cine-style cameras.

  • Wide Aperture Range: The lens offers a maximum aperture of T2.0, allowing for excellent low-light performance and depth of field control. The aperture range extends from T2.0 to T22, providing flexibility in various lighting conditions.

  • Color Matching with Modern Cooke Lenses: The S4/I lenses are color-matched with other modern Cooke cine-style lenses, ensuring consistent color reproduction and seamless integration when shooting with multiple lenses.

  • /i Technology Metadata Transfer: The lens incorporates /i Technology, which enables the transfer of lens metadata to compatible cameras. This allows for precise lens data recording, including focus distance, aperture settings, and other lens parameters, facilitating efficient post-production workflows.

  • Smooth Cam-Style Focus Mechanism: The lens features a smooth and ergonomic cam-based focus mechanism, allowing precise and accurate focus adjustments. The focus scales are marked in both feet and meters, providing flexibility for different measurement systems.

  • 110mm Front Diameter: The lens has a front diameter of 110mm, making it compatible with a wide range of standard matte boxes and accessories commonly used in professional cine production.

  • 8-Blade Linear Iris: The lens incorporates an 8-blade linear iris design, which helps to create smooth and natural-looking bokeh with pleasing background blur.

  • Minimized Flare, Distortion & Aberrations: The S4/i lenses are designed to minimize optical issues such as flare, distortion, veiling glare, and spherical aberrations. Even at the maximum aperture, these lenses deliver excellent image quality with high contrast and sharpness.

  • PL Mount Compatibility: The S4/i lenses are PL-mounted, ensuring compatibility with most professional cine-style cameras that utilize the PL mount system.

The Cooke S4/I T2 Prime Lens series offers exceptional optical performance, reliable mechanical design, and seamless integration with modern Cooke Cine-style lenses. These features make them popular among cinematographers and filmmakers who prioritize image quality and versatility in their productions.


The Cooke S4/i T2 Prime Lens series is well-suited for a wide range of cinematic situations. Here are some examples of situations where these lenses excel:

  • Narrative Filmmaking: The Cooke S4/i lenses are highly regarded in the world of narrative filmmaking. Their exceptional optical performance, minimal aberrations, and color matching with other Cooke lenses make them ideal for capturing cinematic scenes with precise control over depth of field, sharpness, and color reproduction.
  • Commercial and Advertising Production: The Cooke S4/i lenses offer outstanding image quality and reliable performance when shooting commercials or advertisements. The lenses’ ability to minimize flare, distortion, and aberrations helps ensure the final footage is visually appealing and maintains high levels of detail and contrast.
  • Music Videos: The Cooke S4/i lenses’ wide aperture range and smooth focus mechanism make them suitable for capturing dynamic and visually striking music videos. The lenses allow for creative control over shallow depth of field, precise focus pulling, and beautiful bokeh, enhancing the visual impact and storytelling of music videos.
  • Documentaries and Non-fiction Filmmaking: For capturing real-life events, interviews, and documentary-style footage, the Cooke S4/i lenses offer the combination of sharpness, color fidelity, and minimal optical issues. Their ability to maintain high image quality even at wider apertures helps capture authentic moments with clarity and precision.
  • High-End Broadcast Production: The Cooke S4/i lenses’ optical performance and compatibility with professional cine-style cameras make them well-suited for high-end broadcast production, such as television shows, dramas, or sports events. They provide the level of image quality and consistency required for demanding broadcast environments.
  • Cinematic Wedding Filmmaking: The Cooke S4/i lenses can add a cinematic touch to wedding films, providing a filmic look with beautiful bokeh and smooth focus transitions. Their wide aperture range allows for low-light shooting in various wedding scenarios, while the color matching with other Cooke lenses ensures visual consistency when using multiple lenses during the shoot.