COOKE S8/i T1.4

The COOKE S8/i series is suitable for use in digital motion capture, sports broadcasting, wildlife documentaries, and other applications that require high-quality telephoto shots 12.
18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm.


The Cooke S8 features premium all-spherical lenses, which produce a uniquely organic, film-like quality.

The Cooke S8 series is characterized by smooth, spherical bokeh and minimal color fringing. Enabling you to create sensitive and emotive images with high dimensionality.


With a maximum aperture of T1.4 across most of the focal length range, the S8 lenses are the fastest produced for larger-than-full frame capture. They also offer greater control over depth of field and flare characteristics whilst still providing excellent low-light performance.


Compact, light, agile, and easy to handle, the S8 lenses and today’s compact digital cinema cameras have been created for various situations. Being lighter has not compromised strength, durability, or their exceptional image aesthetic.


Designed from the ground up to incorporate our very latest intelligent /i technology, which includes: /i data focus and iris position, /i motion inertial data, and /i map factory calibrated shading and distortion data. They also benefit from a high degree of modularity, which increases reliability and reduces servicing time.


The Cooke S8 Key Features:

  • The optics are designed to give maximum performance at full aperture with controlled flare, spherical aberration, and reduced distortion.

  • Cooke S8 lenses have a maximum aperture of T1.4 across most of the lens lineup.

  • A large lens barrel diameter allows for increased focus markings, particularly at close focus. A four-point contact bearing also provides a smooth, positive backlash-free movement.

  • Every focus mark is individually calibrated and engraved on both sides of the focus barrel for ease of use.

  • Accessible via a cable connector near the lens mount and synchronizes with /i compatible cameras and accessories. The electronics board has also been resized and repositioned for easy serviceability.

  • The lenses are designed for all shooting applications, including handheld and Steadicam, providing a comfortable balance ratio with the latest compact digital cinema cameras.

  • All S8 lenses have a fixed front diameter of 104mm, with a focus drive gear of 140T x 0.8 mod and an iris drive gear of 134T x 0.8.

  • To ensure compatibility with other Cooke lenses, the entire S8 range is color-balanced and color-matched for uniformity.

  • The S8 range features a nine-leaf linear module iris assembly.

  • We offer PL and LPL camera mount options for the new lenses.

  • Our S8 lenses are built to be tough and robust and work in the toughest environments.


The Cooke S8 Technical Data:

Focal LengthApertureAngular RotationClose FocusAngular RotationLengthMax Front DiameterMax Diagonal Angle FFWeight