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The FUJINON HA42X9.7-BERD-U48 it’s a high-quality broadcast zoom lenses designed for professional ENG and HDTV production. These lenses are known for their optical precision, versatile zoom ranges, and rugged build quality, making them indispensable tools for broadcast professionals who require reliability and image quality in various shooting scenarios.


The FUJINON HA42X9.7-BERD-U48 designed for professional ENG and HDTV production.

Fujinon HA42 is a high-quality, long-range broadcast zoom lens. It’s compatible with cameras that feature a 2/3-inch image sensor format, wich is commonly used in broadcast cameras.

The FUJINON HA42X9.7-BERD-U48 Key Features:

  • 42x Zoom Range: This lens offers an impressive 42x zoom range, allowing for versatile framing options, from wide-angle shots to extreme telephoto views.

  • High Optical Quality: FUJINON is known for its optical excellence, and this lens maintains that reputation by delivering sharp, high-contrast images with minimal optical distortions.

  • Servo-Operated Zoom and Focus: The lens typically features servo motors for smooth and precise control of zoom and focus, essential for broadcast applications where rapid adjustments are often required.

  • Image Stabilization: To reduce the impact of camera shake and vibrations during handheld shooting.

  • Advanced Coatings: The lens is coated with advanced anti-reflective coatings to minimize flare and ghosting, ensuring optimal image quality.

  • Durable Build: Designed for demanding field use, these lenses are typically built with durability in mind, featuring weather-resistant construction and robust materials.


The FUJINON HA42X9.7-BERD-U48 is commonly used in the following scenarios:

  • Television News and Sports Broadcasting: These lenses are ideal for capturing news coverage, sports events, and live broadcasts where long-range shots and rapid adjustments are necessary.

  • Outdoor and Wildlife Filming: The high zoom range and image stabilization make these lenses suitable for capturing wildlife and outdoor documentaries.

  • Event Coverage: They are commonly used in event coverage, including concerts, conferences, and live performances.

  • Documentary Filmmaking: These lenses provide the necessary flexibility and image quality for documentary filmmakers working in ENG-style productions.

  • Studio Productions: These lenses can also be used in studio settings for talk shows, interviews, and other television productions where extended focal lengths are required.