RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8

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RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8 is excellent for wide shots and capturing expansive landscapes, while the 150mm end is ideal for telephoto shots, such as portraits and action scenes. The T2.8 aperture also allows for low-light performance and shallow depth of field, which is helpful for many shots, including portraits, landscapes, and action scenes.


RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8 PL LENS

The RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8 lens is a high-quality, professional-grade zoom lens compatible with RED cameras.

The lens’s robust, durable build quality and high-quality optics and coatings make it a good option for professional videographers and cinematographers who need a reliable and high-performing lens for various projects.

Overall, the RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8 is a high-performance lens well-suited for professional videographers and cinematographers.


The RED ZOOM 50-150mm T2.8 Features:

  • A fast T2.8 aperture allows for low-light performance and shallow depth of field.

  • A 50-150mm focal length range provides a versatile zoom range for various shooting situations.

  • A robust, durable build quality with a weather-sealed construction designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.

  • High-quality optics and coatings provide sharp, clear images with minimal distortion and chromatic aberrations.

  • A smooth, precise focus and zoom mechanism allows easy and accurate adjustments during filming.

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