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The Rokinon 24mm Shift & Tilt F3.5 is designed for creative and technical photography applications, particularly architectural and perspective control photography. These lenses offer manual control over tilt and shift movements, allowing photographers to achieve specific visual results that may not be possible with standard lenses.


The Rokinon 24mm Shift & Tilt F3.5  is designed for photographers who require precise perspective control and creative focus effects in their photography.

These lenses allow photographers to manipulate the angle and position of the lens elements to correct distortion and achieve creative effects such as selective focus. They are highly specialized and cater to photographers who require precise control over perspective.

The Rokinon 24mm Shift & Tilt F3.5 Key Features:

  • Tilt and Shift Movements: The standout feature of these lenses is the ability to tilt and shift the lens elements independently. This allows photographers to control perspective, correct converging lines, and create unique focus effects.

  • Manual Focus: Tilt-shift lenses typically feature manual focus, allowing for precise control over the focus plane.

  • Wide Aperture: While aperture may vary among models, tilt-shift lenses often have a relatively wide maximum aperture, making them suitable for low-light shooting.

  • High Optical Quality: These lenses are designed to deliver high optical quality and sharpness, making them suitable for professional applications.