ANGÉNIEUX TYPE EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2

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The Angénieux Type EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2 lens is a versatile and high-quality cinema lens designed for professional filmmakers. With a constant wide aperture, interchangeable mounts, and a zoom range from 30mm to 90mm, it offers flexibility in framing. It suits various shooting scenarios, including narrative filmmaking, documentaries, and low-light conditions.


The Angénieux Type EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2 lens is designed for professional cinematographers and filmmakers who require flexibility in their lens choices.

This lens features a zoom range from 30mm to 90mm with a constant wide aperture of T2, allowing for consistent exposure settings throughout the zoom range. It’s optimized for Super 35mm sensors and is known for its high-quality optics and build.

The Angénieux Type EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2 Key Features:

  • Versatile Zoom Range: The lens offers a versatile zoom range from 30mm to 90mm, covering a variety of focal lengths without the need for lens changes.

  • Constant Wide Aperture: With a constant maximum aperture of T2, this lens provides excellent low-light performance and depth of field control throughout the zoom range.

  • Interchangeable Mounts: The EZ series lenses are designed with user-friendly interchangeable mounts, allowing compatibility with various camera systems and mounts, including PL, EF, and E mounts.

  • High Optical Quality: Angenieux lenses are renowned for their optical quality, offering sharpness, contrast, and color accuracy.

  • Compact and Lightweight: Despite its versatility, the EZ-1 is relatively compact and lightweight, making it suitable for various shooting scenarios.

The Angéenieux Type EZ-1 S35 30-90mm T2 lens is well-suited for a variety of shooting scenarios, including:

  • Narrative Filmmaking: This lens is excellent for capturing cinematic shots in narrative filmmaking, providing flexibility in framing and composition.

  • Documentary Filmmaking: Its versatility makes it suitable for documentary work, where the ability to quickly adapt to changing shooting conditions is essential.

  • Corporate Videos and Commercials: The lens’s optical quality and flexibility are valuable for capturing professional corporate videos and commercials.

  • Low-Light Situations: The constant T2 aperture is beneficial in low-light situations, allowing for well-exposed shots without sacrificing image quality.

  • Multi-Camera Productions: This lens can help maintain consistent framing and exposure across different cameras in multi-camera setups.