RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL

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The RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL is a compact and versatile zoom lens with a T3 aperture, suitable for a wide range of filming applications.


The RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL is a versatile lens.

This lens is known for its practical zoom range and compactness, making it ideal for various filming scenarios where agility is critical.

RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL Key Features:

  • Focal Length: 18-50mm, offering a versatile range for different shot compositions.

  • T-Stop: T3 provides good low-light performance throughout the zoom range.

  • Minimum Focus: 20cm (7.9″), ideal for close-up shooting.

  • Front Diameter: 114mm, compatible with standard filmmaking accessories.

  • Weight: 1.7 lbs, making handling relatively easy for handheld or gimbal work.

RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL Suitability for Shots.

  • Run and Gun Filming: Its size and weight make it suitable for quick, on-the-go shooting.

  • Interviews and Documentaries: The focal range is conducive to capturing both environmental context and tighter shots of subjects.

  • Drama and Reality: Offers the flexibility needed for the dynamic shooting environments of narrative and reality content.


The RED 18-50mm T3 Zoom PL lens is appreciated for its optical performance and is especially designed to complement the characteristics of RED cameras, offering superior peripheral brightness and a high level of optical performance. 🎥