MINOLTA Rokkor (Superspeed) Primes [GL Optics Rehoused]

The MINOLTA Rokkor cine primes offer filmmakers a versatile set of vintage lenses. These lenses were originally part of the Minolta SR line and have been meticulously rehoused to meet modern cinema standards. They offer a cohesive cinematic experience. Whether you’re shooting wide-angle scenes, intimate portraits, or distant shots, the MINOLTA Rokkor cine primes deliver exceptional performance.


The MINOLTA Rokkor lenses, rehoused by Ancient Optics in collaboration with GL Optics, offer filmmakers a fantastic set of cine primes.

The MINOLTA Rokkor cine primes are a set of rehoused vintage lenses designed for cinema use. These lenses were originally part of the Minolta SR line and have been given a new lease on life. With their unique character, excellent coatings, and robust build quality, they provide filmmakers with creative options for capturing stunning visuals.

Key Features of the MINOLTA Rokkor Cine Primes:

21mm T2.9: Wide-angle lens with vintage aesthetics.

  • A wide-angle lens suitable for capturing expansive scenes.
  • Multicoated for reduced flare and improved contrast.
  • Vintage character with modern mechanics.

24mm T2.9: Slightly wider for establishing shots.

  • Great for establishing shots.
  • Smooth focus and aperture control.
  • Excellent sharpness across the frame.

28mm T2.1: Versatile focal length with pleasing rendering.

  • For various shooting scenarios.
  • Beautiful bokeh and pleasing rendering.
  • Robust build quality.

35mm T1.9: Standard wide-angle with a fast aperture.

  • Wide-angle lens with a fast aperture.
  • Ideal for low-light conditions and creative depth of field.
  • Distinctive Minolta color rendition.

45mm T2.1: “Normal” lens capturing natural perspectives.

  • A lens with a classic look.
  • Great for capturing natural perspectives.
  • The smooth focus throws for precise adjustments.

50mm T1.3: Fast aperture for cinematic depth of field.

  • For cinematic shallow depth of field.
  • Creamy bokeh and sharp center.
  • A popular choice for portraits and interviews.

58mm T1.3: Unique focal length with soft rendering.

  • A focal length with character.
  • Soft rendering is wide open and sharpens when stopped down.
  • Vintage aesthetics with modern reliability.

85mm T1.8: Portrait lens with beautiful background separation.

  • Beautiful background separation.
  • Smooth focus transition.
  • Exceptional coatings for reduced flares.

100mm T2.1: Medium telephoto for close-ups.

  • For close-ups.
  • High resolution and pleasing skin tones.
  • Precise markings for focus pulling.

135mm T2.9: Longer telephoto option.

  • Excellent for isolating subjects.
  • Vintage bokeh with modern mechanics.

200mm T2.9: Telephoto lens for distant subjects.

  • Excellent sharpness even at wide apertures.
  • Robust build quality for professional use.


These lenses are designed to enhance your storytelling and bring a touch of vintage magic to your cinematic projects. ✨

The MINOLTA Rokkor series comes in compact housings with repositioned gears and markings, making them suitable for modern cinema cameras. 🎥


21 mm T2.9

11″110mm2.53 lbs

24mm T2.9

13″110mm2.20 lbs

28mrn T2. I

13″110mm2.53 lbs
35mm T1.99″110mm2.97 lbs
45mm T2.118″110mm2.31 lbs
50mm T1.317″110mm2.53 lbs
58mm T1.315″110mm3.19 lbs
85mm T1.82′ 6″110mm2.97 lbs
100mm T2.13′ 3″110mm2.97 lbs
135mm T2.14′ 9″110mm3.74 lbs
200mm T2.95′ 3″110mm4.51 lbs