SIGMA 18-35mm CINE T2

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SIGMA 18-35mm CINE covers everything from wide-angle to telephoto, enabling cinematographers to achieve a wide range of expressive goals.


SIGMA 18-35mm CINE Lineup

Wide focal length coverage

Produce an entire work with SIGMA lenses alone.


Compatibility has been confirmed with each brand of cinema cameras

Lenses for both S35 and full-frame

The High-Speed Zoom Line is compatible with Super35, the image size standard used by typical digital cinema cameras, while the FF High-Speed Prime Line and FF Zoom Line are compatible with a full-frame image circle.

Strong high-speed lens lineup

T1.5 or T2 is available in prime lenses, while T2 is available throughout the zoom range in zoom lenses.


SIGMA 18-35mm CINE Image Quality

Inspecting every lens

There are three requirements for outstanding lenses: refined design, precise manufacturing, and inspection, ensuring compliance with all specifications. SIGMA lenses are born of unique design concepts and superior manufacturing technology, but they are not complete until they undergo their uncompromising lens performance evaluation. SIGMA developed its A1 proprietary Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) measuring system using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. As a result, even previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of their quality control inspections. Every lens is checked before shipping. Thanks to ultra-high resolution sensors, high-performance shooting is assured.

Minimization of flare and ghosting

Computer-based ray tracing has been used from the design stage onward to minimize flare and ghosting and enhance contrast in backlit conditions. Ghosting has also been checked at every prototype stage, with its causes identified, assessed, and eliminated.

Sharpness combined with outstanding bokeh effect

SIGMA has solved many issues to fulfill the high demand for still photography’s image quality. The benefit of these efforts can now be enjoyed in cine lenses.

Color balance is standardized across the lineup.

All the lenses in the lineup are designed to comply with SIGMA’s CCI standard. In addition, standardized color balance makes color correction a snap.

6K-8K class resolution

The lineup features the same optical system that delivers 50-megapixel or higher resolution in still photography. These lenses are, therefore, ready for higher-resolution shooting and ideal for chroma keying.


SIGMA 18-35mm CINE T2 Features:

  • Covers Super 35mm Sensors

  • Outstanding resolution ready for 6K-8K.

  • 28.4mm Image Circle

  • Internal Focus Design

  • 180° Focus Barrel Rotation

  • T2 Max Aperture, Clickless 9-Bladed Iris

  • Weighs 3.19 Pounds

  • 95mm Front Lens Diameter

  • Removable Lens Support Foot

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