TOKINA 11-16mm PL MOUNT T3.0

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The Tokina 11-16mm PL Mount T3.0 is a professional cine ideal for wide-angle cinematography, including landscape shots, architectural photography, and dynamic scenes, making it a versatile choice for filmmakers seeking high optical quality in a wide-angle zoom lens.


The Tokina 11-16mm PL Mount T3.0 is a wide-angle cine lens designed for professional filmmaking.

This lens are recognized for its wide-angle capabilities and suitability for cinematic applications. It’s designed to offer precise control over focus, aperture, and other key aspects of filmmaking, making it a valuable tool for cinematographers seeking high-quality optics in a wide-angle zoom lens.

The Tokina Duclos 11-16mm PL Mount T3.0 Key Features:

  • Wide-Angle Perspective: The lens provides an ultra-wide-angle perspective, making it ideal for capturing expansive landscapes, architectural shots, and dynamic scenes.

  • T3.0 Aperture: With a constant T3.0 aperture, this lens offers consistent exposure across its focal length range and enables creative control over depth of field.

  • Cine-Modified Design: The lens typically includes features that are cine-friendly, such as a de-clicked aperture ring for smooth iris adjustments and geared focus and aperture rings for compatibility with follow focus systems and other cine accessories.

  • PL Mount: The PL mount is a standard in the cinema industry, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of professional cinema cameras.

  • High Optical Quality: Tokina lenses are known for their optical quality, delivering sharp, high-contrast images with minimal distortion and chromatic aberration.

Recommended Shooting Scenarios for the Tokina 11-16mm PL Mount T3.0:

  • Wide-Angle Cinematography: This lens excels at capturing wide and immersive shots, making it suitable for landscape cinematography, establishing shots, and dynamic visuals in narrative filmmaking.

  • Low-Light Filming: The T3.0 aperture allows for shooting in low-light conditions or achieving a shallow depth of field in well-lit scenes.

  • Indoor and Architectural Photography: Its wide-angle perspective makes it ideal for shooting in confined spaces or capturing the grandeur of architectural structures.

  • Dynamic Visuals: Whether you’re filming action sequences, music videos, or fast-paced documentaries, the lens’s wide-angle capabilities can add energy and excitement to your shots.