The COOKE PANCHRO/i CLASSIC FF series combines vintage aesthetics with modern functionality, delivering a timeless cinematic look. With full-frame coverage, a consistent T2.8 aperture, and exceptional image quality, these lenses are ideal for various shooting scenarios, including landscapes, portraits, and cinematic storytelling.

18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm, 100mm & 135mm


The COOKE PANCHRO/i CLASSIC FF series is a collection of prime lenses that combines the classic Panchro look with modern functionality.

These lenses offer a vintage aesthetic with updated features, making them suitable for capturing cinematic visuals with a timeless quality. With full-frame coverage and a consistent T2.8 maximum aperture across the set, the PANCHRO/i CLASSIC FF lenses deliver exceptional image quality and versatility for various shooting scenarios.




  • Vintage Aesthetic: The PANCHRO/i CLASSIC FF series provides the classic Cooke Panchro look reminiscent of the vintage cinematic era, offering a warm and organic image quality.

  • Full-Frame Coverage: These lenses cover full-frame sensors, allowing compatibility with a wide range of cameras and sensor sizes.

  • T2.8 Maximum Aperture: With a consistent maximum aperture of T2.8 throughout the lens set, the PANCHRO/i CLASSIC FF lenses offer excellent low-light performance and depth of field control.

  • Modern Functionality: While offering a vintage aesthetic, these lenses incorporate modern features such as improved coatings, lens mechanics, and precise markings for ease of use and compatibility with contemporary workflows.

  • Robust Build Quality: The lenses are built with Cooke’s renowned craftsmanship, ensuring durability and reliability even in demanding shooting conditions.



LensDescriptionIdeal Shooting Scenarios
18mmThey are known for their characterful rendering, flares, and warm color balance.Wide landscape shots, interiors (tight spaces), creative filmmaking.
25mmWide-angle lens with a vintage look, offering a cinematic aesthetic with excellent image quality.Landscapes, wide-angle shots, architectural filmmaking.
32mmA versatile lens with a classic aesthetic delivers a natural, timeless look with high optical performance.Narrative filmmaking, documentary, general-purpose cinematography.
50mmStandard focal length lens with a vintage character, providing a classic cinematic look with sharpness and versatility.Portraits, dialogue scenes, cinematic shots.
65mmMedium telephoto lens offering a vintage aesthetic with precise optics, allowing for creative framing and beautiful image rendition.Close-ups, portraits, character-focused shots.
75mmA classic lens with a vintage touch, delivering a timeless look with excellent optical performance.Medium-distance shots, cinematic scenes, narrative storytelling.
100mmA medium telephoto lens with a classic aesthetic, providing a vintage look with pleasing image quality and sharpness.Close-ups, portraits, subject isolation.
135mmA telephoto lens with a vintage character, offering a classic cinematic look with beautiful bokeh and unique image rendering.Distant subjects, compressed perspectives, cinematic shots.

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