VariCam 35 4K HDR Professional Cinema Camera


VariCam 35’s new sensor captures 14+ stops of latitude, capturing high-contrast and wide dynamic range. The camera offers a broad range of codecs and formats, including Panasonic’s AVC-ULTRA family of advanced codecs, Apple ProRes, and 3.5Mbps proxy recordings. VariCam 35 also incorporates a modular design whereby the 4K camera head is separate from but dockable to the common, shared recording module (AU-VREC1G)

  • Contains new Super 35mm MOS sensor for high-speed, 120fps, for true 4K (4096×2160) image capture
  • 14+ stops of latitude let you record HDR-ready images, displaying expanded highlight and shadow detail
  • Dual-native ISO settings of 800 and 5000 achieve high sensitivity while maintaining a low noise level
  • Modular design that adds versatility for creative shooting situations
  • Offers HD/2K Apple ProRes and Panasonic’s 4K capable AVC-ULTRA family of advanced production codecs