RED’s MONSTRO 8K 40.96 x 21.6mm sensor can take advantage of full-frame 35mm lenses, recording at rates up to 60 fps at full resolution. Higher frame rates, up to 300 fps, can be made available by windowing the sensor to lower resolutions.


Designed for demanding use in the studio and on location, the all-in-one PL-mount RED RANGER MONSTRO 8K VV from RED DIGITAL CINEMA features a unibody design with integrated inputs and outputs, 24V power output, a 5-pin XLR audio input, a shimmed PL mount, and a larger built-in fan for improved thermal performance. With a unibody aluminum design and an integrated Gold mount battery plate, this 8K capture solution is ideal for high-end production use as well as for individual users. The MONSTRO 8K VV full-frame sensor boasts up to 17 stops of dynamic range and can record the full image circle of full-frame 35mm lenses. You can also use Super35 lenses with a windowed capture area for high frame rate recording.