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The ALEXA 35 changes the future of Super 35 productions. With the help of some specific HDR shooting techniques and 3D lighting setups, It could retain detail in all the highlights and all the shadows. Natural and beautifully rendered skin tones. Subtler tonal variations for immersive and emotionally powerful images


The ARRI ALEXA 35 A New Era Begins:

The Alexa 35 is a fully featured production camera that can record native 4K at up to 120 fps. It is the smallest fully-featured ARRI production camera ever, packing a larger ALEXA’s features and processing power into a Mini-sized body. The camera has a Super 35 CMOS sensor with a resolution of up to 4.6K (4608 x 3164) and a Cine license. The camera comes with an LPL mount (LBUS) and a PL to LPL adapter. It can be powered using the ARRI B-Mount battery adapter and separately available batteries.


The ARRI ALEXA 35 Key Features:

  • More exposure latitude

  • More sensitivity. Lower noise, higher ISO. For even cleaner images in low light

  • More accurate colors. EI 160 to EI 6400, with color accuracy, maintained at all exposure levels

  • More creative control

  • 2.5 more stops than previous ALEXA cameras, with filmic highlight roll-off

  • Easier to handle any lighting conditions and more flexible in post

  • Easier to handle any lighting conditions and more flexible in post

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